A Bangladeshi car mechanic who has stunned the world
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A Bangladeshi car mechanic who has stunned the world

Nizamuddin Aulia is known worldwide as 'Lipu'. He is also an automotive engineer, designer and coachbuilder. The only reason he is known for his expertise in replacing old wrecked cars with brand new ones. He was born on October 1, 1967 in what was then East Pakistan, now independent and sovereign Bangladesh. He studied up to class IX at Dhaka Residential Model School and College, Mohammadpur, Dhaka.

Her father worked at the US Embassy in Saudi Arabia. As a result, Lipu's entire family moved to Saudi Arabia. Lipu was admitted to the college there. As well as growing up in Riyadh, his interest in cars continued to grow day by day. When he was 18, he participated in a motor show in Saudi Arabia. It was there that his father first bought him a Mazda car.

It was October 1994. At that time Lipu was 26 years old. At that time, he built his dream car called 'Limu-Bill' and surprised everyone. It was a version of the Lamborghini Countach, one of the most popular car models of the seventies and nineties. Although at the time he had no minimal idea about bodywork or paints. That's why he used posters instead of painting cars.

Six years later, at the beginning of the new century, in 2000, he established his business in Dhaka. In the same year he built another of his dream cars called 'Lipu'. It was an imitation of the Lamborghini Diablo model. For just 2,500$ USD (equivalent to about 2,13,000/- BDT in the current market), he effortlessly converted a Daihatsu Shredded car model into a Lipu-car.

Is that’s all! Aulia built a 22-foot-long limousine, combining all the old cars together. And the car was given a 2.8 liter diesel engine. It took them 40 days to build this limousine built with the help of younger brother Dipu. This 2,800cc limousine was not only attractive; But like other limousines this one also had the luxury features. Lipu built the car in the garage of his house at Jhigatala in the capital Dhaka. People used to stare in amazement at his limousine in the crowded area of Dhaka.

However, he always wanted to build a Lipu version of the Ferrari. He also fulfills his wishes. In late 2002, Ferrari's Lipu version was built with the help of four garage mechanics. Apart from the lights and monograms in front of the original Ferrari, Lipu did the entire design work on his own creativity. More interesting information is that he also used the metal sheets used to make rickshaws in Dhaka. When the car was made, he named it 'Swadhinata 71'.

Lipu built rusty and rusty Toyota and Honda cars in the style of Ferrari and Lamborghini. In his converted garage, four mechanics worked, unloading the body parts of Japanese cars and converting them into Italian sports cars. Most of the metal sheets they used there were used to make bicycles and rickshaws.

Theirs and his own success came with the 'Swadhinata 71' car. Shortly after the car was built, a BBC journalist published a report on Lipu and his car. His car became known internationally as 'The Bangladeshi Ferrari'. The car even appears on Ferrari's official website. Such success drives Lipu to pursue higher education in automobiles.

That is why he later went to the General Motors Institute in Michigan, USA. As the amount of technical work increased there, he had to stop his studies. He decided to open his own workshop for the purpose of gaining practical experience. After working here for three years, he returned to Bangladesh. There, Aulia began taking orders to build Lipu cars based on old Daihatsu and Toyota.

In 2004, Lipu was able to draw attention to Intersection Magazine. His worldwide fame spread. Only he was featured in the Dhaka City Exhibition in the United Kingdom from 2005 to 2010. In 2006, the Discovery Channel suggested to Lipu that he should build two cars in two weeks. He enlisted the help of Bernie Feynman of Cochrane Car Mechanics. As a result, he completed two cars in just seven weeks.

The first car was unveiled at the Dhaka Motor Show in April 2006 at the Bangladesh-China Friendship Conference Center. The car was a version of the Aulia sports model, the M28. The Lipu version of a 22-year-old Toyota Sprinter was a sports model. The car was built with imported chassis in just four weeks. On May 7 of the same year, his second car - The Peace Car - was unveiled at the National Museum of Bangladesh. The 1989 Toyota Crown has been so modified that not a speck of the old version can be found in Lipu's design.

In 2006, the United States re-invited him. Going there, he got involved in the work of car transformation. In June of the same year, his converted car was unveiled at the Rich Max Center in London. He was later retained as Artist in Residence. Over the course of two months there, he built a Ford Capri car through a complete handiwork in a more aesthetic design. The car was named ‘Car’ and in the summer it was shown as well as the video behind its construction was released.

In May 2007, at the expatriate Boishakhi Mela festival in Brooklyn, another Lipu reform car called 'Angel Car' was unveiled. Aulia and Feynman built the car in their workshop under an old semi-circular arch on the railway in the White Chapel area of west London. They took only three weeks to build it.

Lipu worked on two London-based car programs in 2007 and 2008. Among them, 'Bangla-Bangers' was a special one-hour two-episode program of Discovery Channel, which showed the work of Lipu in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh. And the next was ‘Chop Shop: London Garage’, where the Discovery airs a one-season sequel series on foreign channels.

The Discovery Channel shows Aulia and her partner Bernie Feynman on the 2007 Bangla Bangers program, how they turned an old car into a supercar in addition to modern technology and advanced equipment. And the footage of this program was collected from his backstreet workshop in Dhaka. The sequel to the show was later released as 'Chop Shop: London Garage'. At the event, Aulia and Feynman renovated multiple cars used by celebrities. Their challenge was to build custom-built cars to meet the needs of clients on a low budget.

It's not just that Lipu used to build cars for expensive people and celebrities. He also made cars that were affordable and within reach. After returning to the country in 2011, he built a car; Named 'Suruj'. He named it after his grandfather. The feature of this car was that it is capable of running on oil, gas and even electricity. The value of the car is estimated at two and a half lakh rupees.

In 2015, Lipu was invited to the History Channel's popular show 'Pitbull'. This reality show is basically a custom-built garage in Freeport. Its captain is Steve Pitbull Trimboli. There they would sell ‘junk’ or ‘old’ cars for money or customize them later. They customized a total of seven cars in eight episodes of this reality show. The last car was a racing car, which was shown divided into two episodes.

Her parents did not want Lipu to return to the country after moving to the United States. So they asked her to marry Lipu and build a car there. His centenarian grandfather chooses a bride for his wedding and on the day of the wedding he sees his future wife, Deepa. Lipu has been living in Kaur d'Alebo, Idaho, USA since 2013 with his wife and three children. The U.S. government has granted him immigration benefits for his outstanding achievements.

Usually car designers first design the car on paper. He then beats the iron one by one to shape his own design and then builds the car by covering them. But in this case Nizamuddin Aulia Lipu was an exception. He said he did not have time to do this. Not even interested.

He said that he can make a car a supercar without these activities. And he named this skill 'Bangla Way'. Working on this Bangla Way, he has transformed so many cars into supercars. Even his hammers and wrenches are made in Bangladesh.
Lipu is a burning example of where strong will takes people from where to where. His own patience and creativity have taken him to the highest peak of success. He has also brightened the face of his country. His love for his work has brought him worldwide fame.

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