Best Selling Cars
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Best Selling Cars

The wheels are turning and the world is improving’ - The wheels on which the cars are moving are different, the shape and the size of the cars has changed for different destinations. 2019 was attractive for the car lovers. Car makers were into a competition for the construction of environmentally friendly new vehicles, reducing pollution and fuel costs. Electric cars have become popular. As the middle version of this variant, plug-in hybrids and hybrid cars are also gaining market share. However, the majority of the fuel-powered cars still occupy the market. Let us find out about the highest selling cars in the world.

1582011716_ford f series(1).jpg

Ford F-Series:
Although the demand for private cars is tight around the world, the US car maker Ford is still for selling the business cars. Ford has brought six half van cars in 2019 with the banner of F-150 series 2020. These cars of the XL, XLT, Lariat, King Ranch, Platinum, Limited and Raptor models have been sold for more than 897000 units worldwide. Until June of the fiscal year 2019, their sales amounted was 450000 units. The 6-seat car, with the latest amenities, is powered by a 3.3 liter TI-VCT V Six engine. The Ford F-Series of this six-speed automatic gear system is powered by 290 horsepower (HP). These cars are available from $ 28495 to $ 53205.

1582011760_ram 1500.jpg

Ram pickup:
The second highest selling car is also a pickup. According to, the Ram 1500 car has sold more than 300000 units. The 3-liter Eco Diesel V Six engine is used in this car. These Half Van Type cars are ideal for remote travel or heavy load capacity. The cars have been made so strong that a makeshift house with 6 passengers can easily be pulled with the help of wheels of this car. This Pick up is available in 3 different models. The Ram Pickup 1500 is priced at $ 29584, with 5 years post-sale service and 8 different colors.

1582011723_chevrolet silver rado(1).jpg

Chevrolet Silverado:
Heavy-duty trucks, which have the advantage of pulling passengers and goods, as well as cargo, have caught the attention of US residents. The whole family, a tents on a beach or a small house attached to a car in the middle of the jungle. The Chevrolet Silverado is one such car, which has the sales volume of 256777 units over the year. Built by US General Motors, this car is made with 3-liter turbo engine but it is fuel-efficient. This heavy-duty truck has a higher visibility of 400 horse power (HP). Prices for this car start from $ 28300.

1582011690_toyota rav 4 2019.jpg

Toyota Rave Four:
Toyota is very popular among Japanese car makers. The Toyota Rave Four is at the top of the list in the Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) category. The car has been sold in the US market for more than 200,610 units. With hybrid facilities this 2500cc car is available in 9categories. This car is unique in winning the hearts of Jeep car lovers. The Toyota Safety Sense- included this car has the startup price from $ 25,000.

1582011752_honda cr-v 2019.jpg

Honda CR-V:
Demand for SUV cars has increased worldwide as compared to sedan cars. So not the sedan, the next car which has been sold the most after Toyota is another car from the Japanese car maker. This car from the Honda CR-V model is a crossover. The all-wheel-drive car uses a 1.5-liter automatic gear engine. The price of the car starts from $ 25,000.

1582011698_tesla model 3.jpg

The Tesla Model Three:
Tesla is a unique name in the electric vehicle world. The US Company has sold 221274 units of 'Model Three' worldwide until October 2019. This All-wheel-drive car is capable of running 518 km at a full charge. The car needs only 3.2 seconds to speed from zero to 60 miles per hour. 15 inch multimedia screen ironic Model Three can run up to 260 KM/H speed. The price of the car starts at 35 thousand dollars. There are also several brand new car importers in our country. Although the company does not sell 1000 units of cars per year, but this market is not small. Toyota is ahead of other companies in the country in terms of popularity.

1582012169_toyota rush.jpg

Toyota Rush:
Sports Utility Vehicles (SUVs) are less likely to be found with 7 seats. The Toyota Rush 1500cc is the only car with 7 seats. The dual-VVTI engine is also fuel-efficient. Provides ground clearance of 220 millimeters (mm) on any road. About 300 rushes have been sold this year, said Lutful Karim team head of marketing department of Toyota Importer Nabana Limited. At S and G grades, this cars are available in the market at Tk 3700000 and 3900000.


Mitsubishi Expander:
The Mitsubishi Expander is ahead in the Multipurpose Vehicle (MPV) category in terms of sales. This model car has been sold more than 250 pieces in 2019. The car has 200 liters of boot space to carry the cargo and 205 millimeters of ground clearance. This 7-seat cars price starts from 3200000.

1582011710_tata indigo.jpg

Tata Indigo:
There is a 1500 CC diesel powered sedan in our country market. Tata Indigo. This year, 226 indigo have been sold, said the Sales and Marketing Officer Sadekur Rahman. This fuel-efficient car is popular for private, corporate and ride sharing. The car is priced TK 1475000.

1582011706_suzuki artiga.jpg

Suzuki Artiga Hybrid:
Suzuki has hybrid cars in the 7-seat MPV category. The car's model is the Artiga Hybrid. This car provided by Uttara Motors, has been sold for more than 100 pieces in 2019, said the company's deputy head of sales Ghulam Mostafa. This car is popular mainly for bringing the whole family home in one car. This car is available at TK 2350000.


Mercedes Benz:
The German car maker Mercedes Benz known as the luxury car has caught the attention of E Class customers. About 60 Mercedes-E-200 cars have been sold this year, said Shami Jonas

Rosario, senior officer of marketing division of the car's import company Rankon Motors Limited. These executive class cars has safety, comfort and ease of movement as well as elegance. The price of the Mercedes E200 varies from TK 14000000 to TK 17000000.
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