Electric Car only in 95,000 Taka Now In Bangladesh
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Electric Car only in 95,000 Taka Now In Bangladesh

Technology has make so many thing easier for us and the electric car is one of the wonder. Just because this one is budget and eco friendly and for this reason this one is becoming popular with the flow of time. Even the little electric car with amazing design is now available in Bangladesh only at 95,000/- thousands taka.
in this private car you can sit 4 person at a time quite comfortably along with the driver. Electric cars represents by the China company Longsida Bangladesh Limited. they also have Easy Bike, Pick up Van and so on.

This privet car of 95,000/- has no battery installed. you have to purchased this battery separtely and install in it. this car need 4 batteries and probable cost is 40,000/- Taka. except tyhe batteries, there is everything already installed on the Car.
The parts of the Electric private car has imported from China and set on the Maona Gazipur then ready to be sold. Already so many customers began to collect the data about this car some are ready to purchase for personal use. This all scenario make this car highly demanded. One of the most important matters of this car is, this will run 120 kilometers with a single charge.

Shamim Hossain who is the manager of Accounts and Legal department of this company said, “This electric private car is 7.5 Feet and 4 Feet wide. Its height is 5.5 Feet up to 6 Feet. Same time this one has a 1000 Watt’s Motor and charge controller, a charger of 48 Volt’s, a spare wheel and a tool box, he further said, there is no battery with this electric private car. Customer has to purchase battery separately and this will cost the customer 40,000 Taka”.
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