Hyundai car factory is in Bangladesh
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Hyundai car factory is in Bangladesh

Hyundai, a famous Korean automobile brand, is opening a car factory in Bangladesh after Mitsubishi Corporation of Japan. Hyundai Motor Company's only distributor in Bangladesh is “Fair Technology Limited”, signed an agreement with the Bangladesh Hi-Tech Park Authority on Tuesday, January 5 in a five-star hotel in the capital's Gulshan. The company has been allotted 6 acres of land in Bangabandhu Hi-Tech City at Kaliakair in Gazipur. As a result, the construction of the factory will start in the next two weeks. They plan to complete the construction in the middle of this year, assemble the car in the first phase and go into production later.

For the first time in the country, as a result of making cars in a high-tech park, the buyers of Bangladesh will get the supply of private Hyundai cars at a comparatively low price. In this regard, Managing Director (Secretary) of Bangladesh Hi-Tech Park Authority “Hosne Ara Begum” told: the media that, 'Bangabandhu Hi-Tech City', established on 355 acres of land in Kaliakair, is the first and largest hi-tech park in the Bangladesh. At present 42 companies have been allotted places. Here Hyundai's local distributor “Fair Technology Limited” is taking place to set up a car factory. Fair Group is producing Samsung smartphone and consumer electronics products in the country. This time the company has started car business with Hyundai. Initially, 100 million will be invested in setting up the addition plant. Where 100 cars will be added per month. However, the entrepreneurs say that in the next 5 years, this place will be increased to 100 acres, 5,000 cars will come from the factory every month and cars will be prepared in full force, and will also be exported. Initially, Hyundai's latest model of Sedans, SUVs and MPVs are planned to be produced here.

Speaking as the chief guest at the signing ceremony, “Junaid Ahmed Palak” said “the world-famous Hyundai car factory is being set up in Bangladesh which is one of the milestones. If manufacturing of world famous cars like Hyundai starts in Bangladesh, Bangladesh's prestige in the world will increase a lot, this factory will be a destination for high-tech industry and this factory will make a significant contribution to communication and employment as well as economy in Bangladesh”. “Ruhul Alam Al Mahbub”, Managing Director of Fair Technology, said that “Fair Technology will build Hyundai cars in Bangladesh to realize the Digital Bangladesh dream. Hyundai's technology and expertise will be used to ensure that Hyundai's world-class cars can be enjoyed by Bangladeshi customers at affordable prices”.

“Hosne Ara Begum”, Managing Director (Secretary) on behalf of Bangladesh Hi-Tech Park Authority and “Ruhul Alam Al Mahbub”, Managing Director on behalf of Fair Technology signed the agreement on behalf of their respective organizations. South Korean Ambassador was also present at the event “Li Zhang Qian”, “NM Ziaul Alam”, Senior Secretary, Department of Information Technology, “Mutasim Dayan”, Director, Fair Technology, “Major General (Retd) Hamid R. Chowdhury”, Advisor of Fair Group., Chief Marketing Officer “Mesbah Uddin” were also present on that event.
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