Made in Bangladesh Cars only at 8 lakhs coming in this June
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Made in Bangladesh Cars only at 8 lakhs coming in this June

Bangla Cars is going to officially start selling home-made cars from next June if no major mishap occurs due to Corona situation.

The company is manufacturing cars in the country with technical assistance from Japan, Indonesia, China and South Korea. Each car will cost from 8 to 40 lakh BDT. There will be a warranty of 5 years or for 1 lakh kilometers.

Talking to the officials of the concerned organizations, it is learned that the first car of the domestic brand is coming in the market with all kinds of modern facilities. The seven-seater SUV will cost Tk 30 lakh BDT.

Bangla Cars Limited is an affiliate of Hossain Group of Industries. The car made by this company will have “Made in Bangladesh” written for the first time. The benefits that Mercedes-BMW car users get at a cost of Crore Taka, Bangla Cars are going to serve the same service in just 30 lakhs Taka. Bangla Cars is making 12 types of cars. These include jeeps, private cars, buses, minibuses, pickups, lorries and trucks.

Bangla Cars Chief Technical Adviser and CEO. “MD. Abdus Sattar” told Dhaka Post, "We will start work on our mega project after Eid." I wanted to inaugurate March 26. But that was not possible due to the corona infection situation. We have to work in collaboration with four more countries.

He said a Bengali car factory has been set up at Panchabati in Narayanganj. The SUV is being manufactured in the factory by bringing parts from Indonesia.

Md. Abdus Sattar said the market price of an SUV is at least 7 million BDT. The maximum price is one and a half crore BDT. The price of the SUV is Tk 30 lakh as it is sold in the country.

Md. Abdus Sattar said that a year and a half ago, the plan was not to assemble the parts but to make the car in the country. There was also an agreement with Wuhan DFSK in China. Things did not go that way after the corona infection. Now a world class SUV is being made in the country by bringing parts and equipment in agreement with the world famous organization. After the parts were brought to the country last February, they were added in March and the sale started from this month. Although the official journey has not started, one third of the attached vehicles have been sold.

Al Amin is an executive engineer of Bangla Cars. He told Dhaka Post that the car we are going to sell for 8 lakh BDT is a sedan car. Buyers will be able to buy this private car for Tk 8 lakh BDT.

According to company sources, Bangla car showrooms will be in all the divisional cities of the country. Besides, the manufacturer is going to open 30 more showrooms.
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