Mitsubishi Japan Wants To Make Cars With Bangladesh
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Mitsubishi Japan Wants To Make Cars With Bangladesh

Mitsubishi Motor Corporation, a leading Japanese company, has offered assistance to Progoti Industries Limited in making Bangladesh's own brand of cars. Moreover, Mitsubishi Company has stated interest in investing in bus, truck, Pick-up and motorcar production jointly with state-owned company Progoti Industries.

The proposal was made by TatsuSatu, vice president of Mitsubishi Motor Corporation, during a meeting with Minister of Industries Nurulmajidmahmudhumayunon Wednesday (December 4th).Begum Parag, Additional Secretary of the Ministry of Industry, Chairman of Bangladesh Steel and Engineering CorporationSheikh Md. Mizanur Rahman, Managing Director of Progoti Industries Limited Md.Touhiduzzaman, Mitsubishi delegation member ShafiTanvir, Yasuhiko Yuida and Second Secretary of the Japanese Embassy in Bangladesh Yuko Asano attended the meeting.

During the meeting the investment of Mitsubishi Corporation in the automobile sector of Bangladesh were discussed. At this time, the issue of formulating a comprehensive automobile policy for Bangladesh was particularly discussed.Members of the Mitsubishi delegation said the automobile industry in Bangladesh has great potential. With the development of this industry, it is possible to increase employment as well as expand the backward linkage industry and produce importable cars.

Mentioning the Mitsubishi's long-standing business relationship with Progoti Industries, members of the delegation said they are currently combining Pajero Sports CR-45 and L-200 microbus with them. They noted that Mitsubishi is keen on producing new automobiles in partnership with Progoti to strengthen business relations. The industrial minister said the present government is providing all kinds of policy support to the development of the automobile industry as per the Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina's declaration to achieve the goal of creating jobs. A draft automobile industry has already been formulated to increase domestic and foreign investment in this industry.

At the meeting,Nurul Majid MahmudHumayun thanked Mitsubishi Corporation for showing their interest. At the same time, he wanted to continue this joint venture between Pragati and Mitsubishi to continue the product diversification program.

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