Mitsubishi–Tata wants produce vehicles in Bangladesh Commerce Minister
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Mitsubishi–Tata wants produce vehicles in Bangladesh Commerce Minister

Ministry made this remarks while exchanging views with Swiss Ambassador to Bangladesh “Nathalie Chuard” at the Secretariat on Sunday.

Citing the Commerce Minister, the Commerce Ministry said in a press release that about 83 percent of Bangladesh's export earnings come from the readymade garments sector. Government to increase the number of products in the export sector, agricultural products, Pharmaceuticals, leather products, ICT, jute products have given special importance to the sector. Bangladesh has a lot of skilled manpower and Switzerland can use it if they want so.

“Japan's famous Mitsubishi and India's Tata are thinking of setting up a car factory in Bangladesh. In order to attract foreign direct investment (FDI), the Bangladesh Company has made necessary reforms in other indicators of business facilitation, including timely legislation”.

Tipu Munshi said, “The work of setting up 100 special economic zones in different parts of the country is progressing fast, about half of them are near to complete. Various countries including Japan, India, China and Korea have come forward to make large investments in these projects.

“Bangladesh is providing attractive opportunities for investors in various fields including tax. Bangladesh can be a lucrative investment destination for Switzerland. If a group of Swiss businessmen and investors visit Bangladesh, positive results will be obtained”. Commerce Minister hopefully said.
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