Newly arrived cars in the market
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Newly arrived cars in the market

Wheels are moving, so does the world — and those wheels on which the cars are spreading to different destinations, are changing constantly. Their shape and types are ever changing. At the end of the year, new cars arrives, even the preferences of Customers also change. Several new cars have arrived in the country market at the end of 2019 and earlier this year. With variations in design, ease of riding and changing appearance, these cars may be your next favorite choice.


Toyota Rav4 Hybrid:
Opening the car's back trunk withboth hand-filled items is quite difficult. The tailgate will be opened by placing the foot underneath the car even if you are with hand-filled item. Now, after dropping the stuff backtrunk can be closed by pressing a switch only. The new version of such a sophisticated Rav4 created a lot of craze among the customers. Navana Limited has brought the Toyota Rav4 Hybrid with a 2 liter 5 liter engine. Sporty front seat, dual zone air-conditioned device, panoramic mono roof, 7 airbags for safety, everything is designed with attractive surroundings. The turning radius of the car is 5.5 m and for that it can easily be rotated. Navana Limited is offering a 4-year replacement warranty on the Rav4 hybrid car battery. In addition, this car has up to 4 years or 50000 kilometers after-sales service (whichever comes first). This car is priced at TK 8800000.


Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV:
In the beginning of 2020, Rangs Motors Limited brought a new car from Mitsubishi to the Plug-in Hybrid category. This model is named Mitsubishi Outlander (2360CC) PHEV. This car can be driven by both electric and fuel. Using electric power, the car is capable of moving up to 55 km. The Four Wheel Drive- car has two motors and a wide range of 13.8 kW hybrid batteries. LED Foglamps, Electric Sunroofs, Roof Rails, Rear Vent AC, Electronic Tail Gates all are the features of this car and this car can run at speed of 170 KM/H. This car is priced at TK 6500000.

1585120707_BMW X5 PHEV.jpg

BMW is one of the first cars that comes to mind in a row of luxury cars. Executive Motors Limited has brought the German manufacturing BMW X5 hybrid car in the country Market in 2020. This company is providing 5 years or 60000 kilometers after sales service (whichever comes first) on the car's bumper-to-bumper parts, service and maintenance. So, stay safe for five years after buying this car. The 2998 cc car can produce up to 394 horsepower (hp) of combined power and runs at 235 KM/H speed. Using electric power, this car is capable of accelerating up to 110 kilometers per hour speed. Once fully charged, it can travel 50 km without fuel. This car only needs about 5.6 seconds to speed up to 0-100 km.
The interior is as colorful as the BMW X5 PHEV’s exterior. X drive (four wheel drive), leather wrap interior, roller sunblind to protect against sunlight, soft close door function, air suspension, BMW laser light, 360 degree parking assist camera, 12.3 inch Multimedia infotainment system, four zone air conditioning machine and the BMW display. There are two options in the exterior design of the car, namely the X line and the M sports package. This car will be available in 11 colors in the country market. The price of the BMW X5 PHEV starts from TK 8900000.

1585120763_Peugeot 3008.jpg

Peugeot 3008:
In the fairy kingdom of Japanese cars, if the buyer is attracted to other cars of another country, then France's Peugeot can be one of the aesthetic design choices. Ag Motors is importing Peugeot cars into the country market. In November last year, they brought the Peugeot 3008. This 1600cc car is available in hurricane gray, red and black shades. The Peugeot 3008is powered by 1.6 THP turbocharged engines. The automatic 6-geared car is capable of speeding up to 206 KM/H speed. Peugeot 3008 can accelerate from 0-100 km in just 8.9 seconds. The five-seat car, which is fully leather-wrapped, has 591 liters of boot space. The Panoramic Sunroof, Wireless Charger, Sports Moodle Car are available in two categories. Mid of the line category car is priced TK 6100000 and the top of the line is priced TK 6600000.

1585120810_wagonR and Alro.jpg

Suzuki Alto and Wagon R:
The Suzuki Alto LXI is one of the most affordable and easy to buy cars available in the market. The price of this 800cc car is 865000. The three-cylinder 4 valve car is equipped with manual gear. It has 4.6 miter turning radius and for that rotating this car is much easier. The Suzuki Alto mileage is also very attractive with five-seats and 35 liter fuel capacity. At a cost of fuel per liter, this car is capable of traveling 17 km in the city and 21 km on the highway.
Uttara Motors has introduced another Suzuki car in our country market in 2000. The model of the car is Wagon R (1.2 L engine). New design, fog lamps, remote kill entry, steering call and audio control, touchscreen infotainment, auto gear shift, rear parking sensor, speed sensitive auto door locksmith car with hatchback wheels. Because the car's ground clearance is 165 millimeters, it can go through any speed breakers and off roads without hitting the chassis. The 4-cylinder 16 valve equipped car is priced TK 1425000.

1585120781_Proton Saga.jpg

Proton Saga:
PHP Automobile Limited is producing the Proton car in Bangladesh, which is mainly a Malaysian automobile manufacturer car. Proton Saga is the name of that car made by this company, which was introduced in 2019 and manufactured in 2020. This 1332cc mid-sedan car is available in any color as per buyer’s choice. Proton's new exhibition center has just begun on Link Road Tejgaon, Dhaka. This car is available up to 70% buy back value, after being used for five years depending on the condition of the car. Along with Eco-Drive Assist, All-round Sensors, two USB ports for passenger mobile charging, 420 liter boot space, heel hold and brake assist facilities, this car is has a price tag of TK 1499800. Proton Saga will provide after-sales service for up to 3 years or 30,000 kilometers along with five free servicing.
Apart from this, Proton Privy sports cars are available TK 2350000 and the Proton persona, imported from Malaysia is available at TK 2450000.

- Alauddin Al Azad Alif
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