Private in the price of a Motorcycle
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Private in the price of a Motorcycle

Brand new private Car only at the price of 3,40,000/- BDT. The news might seem like untrue but it is true. French multinational brand Renault has started selling some private Cars on the markets of India. One of the new cars of Renault has the price of 2.83 Lakhs RS which is 3.4 Lakhs in Bangladeshi Taka.

There are some well known motorcycle in India those price are higher than this Car. This car is made with whole new Grill, this one has day time running lump, and this one also has new designs headlamp. The climber variant has a 14-inch multi-spoke wheel. This new Renault Kwid has 184mm ground clearance which is more than 4mm from normal. Rear side has new LED tail light.

Inside of this Car has Duel Tone Dashboard. Lather cover on the steering wheel and 4 inch entertainment display. This display will support Android Auto and Apple Car Play. The cabin has 2.4 A USB and 12 volt outlets for fast charging.

This car has 279 liters of boot space. This can be enhanced up to 620 liters.
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