Toyota hybrid car at Tk 11 lakh

Toyota hybrid car at Tk 11 lakh

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Toyota’s Fuel efficient Hybrid car is now only at 11 lakhs. (Model Toyota Aqua Hybrid)
This one is a reconditioned car and this one is made with synergy driving technology. This one most amazing part is, it can run in battery along with the fuel by which, this is a fuel efficient car.
This eco friendly car which is the model of 2013. Same time, this one is available on the model of 2014 and 2015. Price differs by considering model and the grade but the model of 2013 is available only at 11 lakhs.

This model is very much well known in the roads of Japan and same way this one got the fame also in the roads of Bangladesh. One can easily find this one on the roads of the cities and this car is very special for those who are adjusted with the limited income but always keep a dream to have a car of one’s own.
Toyota Aqua Hybrid has the engine of 1496cc and this engine is featured with 4 cylinder water cooling along with DOHC technology. This car cab driven by petrol and electricity and it can produce 72 BHP power. At the same time, its max torque is 111 NM, top speed 180 kilometers. This car is made with E-Civet transmission and front wheel drive.

This hatchback designs cars front wheel has coil spring stabilizer and the rear one has torsion vim coil spring.
This Car is available in a few colors in the Bangladesh market. Its design is just outstanding and this tiny size car is 5 sitters.

Toyota is claiming that this bike will serve the mileage of 20 kilometers per liter. This one made with battery along with the fuel tank same time, this one is a low maintenance car. This is an amazing part of the hybrid car is, this one use battery as the primary power and fuel as the second source of energy. Once the battery ended its power level then the engine automatically actives its activity. If the power of battery is not enough then the hybrid battery and the engine started to work conjugally and this way keep the wheels on move. Battery reserves its power from the rotation of the wheels and wastage power of Engine and this is the way hybrid cars made its way.

It is quite normal to have question on your mind that why should you purchase hybrid car? The answer of this question has given by MR. Ashfaqur Rahman who is the Honorable owner of “Meven Autos” he said to “Dhaka Times” that: Hybrid cars uses fuel and battery at a time which reduce the fuel expense on the half level. Same time this system never hamper the activity or the power of the general car on the other hand, this function never been installed or activated on the general cars. Although its look like hybrid cars are expensive then the general cars and yes it is but when you compare the fuel expense of these two, then you will come to realize the exact matter of price and after purchasing cost.

How a hybrid car works? When we ask this question he answered in the following way: a hybrid car always uses fuel and battery power. When the car is running on the fuel right then the battery collect the emitting power of the engine same time, from the rotating wheels battery collects the power. One of the most amazing parts is when the battery is charging or has less power than the engine start automatically and this switching done by the car automatically. Driver never has to press any switch or something like to start this process rather the car will made this process by its own need.

As the hybrid cars are made by Automobile companies so worlds one of the most well known companies will make these cars by their full sense of view. From this point of view, these cars are pretty safe and effective then the CNG transferred cars.