How to save money on auto repair?
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How to save money on auto repair?

One thing will alarming on your mind that, God knows how much money you have to spend whenever your car make you feel not good. It is very common for all the car owners specially, to the standard class car owners, maximum time they avoid to do servicing their car on little damage or disturbance. But one thing they never notice that, they can make it repair by the help of the experience persons or by self. Yes, believe me you can do this, you just have to try it from the core of your mind. You may think that it is not so easy as I'm thinking/telling.

Lets take a look how you can do this by yourself:

Before you try it you must have the required instruments which are needed to work with a car.

1. Follow the user manual very closely:
The most important/easy way to solve Car's problem by self is to follow the user manual very closely. Just keep in mind that, manual contains all the information of every parts of your car. So, you can look into it in any problem you face by the your Car. We believe, you can save a lot of money by solving problem through the user manual. This manual is like a guide for you in any problem with your car. This manual is the first aid box for your car and your money saver.

2. Meet with expert/experience friends
Another effective way to save money is to, discuss the problem with those persons who have already meet with those difficulties that you are facing now. They can advice you or they can solve the problem personal if they have practical experience. At least those persons can tell where you can get better service for the repairmen. This is another way to save your money/

3. Search the Internet for the solution
Internet is become a reliable source for all kind of information that needed. You should search the Internet by the name of your cars problem, believe me, you will get the solve in radio. That can make you expert in the future use. You know, practical work can you expert in no time, if you learn all of this by your heart. There are so many sites that provide the information about how to solve any difficulties/disturbance of a Car.

4. Talk with technician (optional)
This is the last way to avoid cost of money on the repair of the car. This point is optional, because very few of the mechanics are willing to give you advices. If you have any familiar mechanic then you ask him/her about the solution. If the mechanic is cordial enough, you expect from him some good advices, otherwise no.

The best way to save money is protect your car from damage as much as possible. You know, each repair shop has a standard charge for their every work, it does not matter whether the problem is little or short.

Just keep in mind, it is you Car, your duty to keep it fit.
Stay safe, keep safe.
Happy journey.
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One thing will alarming on your mind that, God knows how much money you have to spend whenever your car make you feel not good. It is very common for all the car owners specially, to the standard class car owners, maximum time they avoid to do servicing their car on little damage or disturbance. But one thing they never notice that, they can make i... English Bangla

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